Monday, November 16, 2009

womanhood blows!

I'm bloated and a little cranky. On days like today I frickin' love sweatpants, my fleece blanket, Sebastian taking extra long naps, Bobby--for being so sweet, and our victorian clawfoot bathtub to soak in. This time of the month, not just for me but for most women just sucks! (sorry boys, girl talk!) I'm already looking forward for it to be over...

This morning we went to check out Play & Learn...and we ended up really liking the place! It is very neatly layed out with lots of fun toys & activities. Sebastian will be hanging out with 12-24 month old children with one adult per five kids. They even have the Keystone Stars (Standards, Training, Assistance, Resources) Program, which is basically just a program that helps quality early learning.
At first when we arrived we were seated in the directors office Sebastian was a little uneasy because he had no idea what the heck was going on. Once we started our tour of the place he felt right at home. He was able to get a feel of the room that he will be in with all his kiddie friends. My boy had no shame, he ran around grabbing toys & playing. We were even able to sit in on a Circle Time where a lady was reading a book to a group of kids. Sebastian was in awe.
I am glad that Play & Learn met our expectation and now we're all set for me going back to work. Pheewww!

For this up and coming weekend Bobby and I are planning on having a nice little dinner party. Our newlywed friends Matt & Bridgett are coming over to enjoy a nice evening of conversation with some of my fine cooking. I have decided that I will be making a full-flavored Chicken Marsala with mushrooms, yellow squash + zuchhini. Also, for my starch I will be putting together Ultimate Twice Baked Potatos. That's right, I said ultimate! Now since my Chicken Marsala will already have some veggies I will be making a light & simple side of Garlic Roasted Asparagus. Dessert will be none other than my Famous Pumpkin Pie. As you can tell I am quite excited. I always love entertaining with friends & family.

I can't believe New Moon comes out this week AaaaHHhhhh!
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Five days for me. sigh.

Time for my show OTH & Gossip Girl :)


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