Wednesday, November 18, 2009

on a few thing I am loving...

These are a few things I am loving (at the moment):

  • I am very much loving this little piece of art. I think this will be my current motto in life.
  • So Very Happy Art by Shelli Dorfe

  • Right now, I am loving Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt by Stoneyfields (vanilla flavored). Have you tried it yet? It's such a wholesome snack that I find particularly great in the afternoon when Sebastian is done for a nap. Not sure why but it has become a ritual for me. None the less yogurt is something I must be in the mood for so I'll give it another week...

  • Speaking of snacky foods, we did our weekly shopping at Samsclub and while browsing around I discovered some Apple Cinnamon Cookies by Motts. I have never ever seen them at Samsclub or any other store for that matter so I decided to test them out on Sebastian, since I like to get him different snacks to try every once in a while. I always love most of Motts products because of their healthy nature. Well, Sebastian thought they were very scrumptious so being curious I taste tested one myself. Oh boy was it heavenly. Sebastian shared a few more with me :-)

  • It dawned on me the other day that I haven't splurged on anything since I've had Sebastian. Sure I've bought clothing items here or there or a knickknack once in a while but nothing I've really wanted. Instead I have mostly just really focused on things I 'need'. Which is something you must do when you have a budget that you have to stick to. Now that I am going back to work I WANT TO SPLURG! Naturally I have known what it is that I want and after doing some research in finding the best price Amazon has yet again surprized me.
I want this bad boy--
The Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera with 18/55mm Lens
Again, I honestly don't have any clue what all that means but after seeking out friends that are actual photographers they say this piece is a gem! Oh how I love thee. Don't judge.

  • Lastly, at the moment I am loving the fact that there is almost a month left till Bobby, Sebastian & I are boarding a plane and heading out to Seattle. Makes me just want to leap in joy thinking about it! The only person I know that is more excited than me is my dad. Every single time I talk to him on the phone (which is pretty much everyday) he is always bringing up our trip. He is already asking what he needs to get in order for Sebastian to be comfortable and, it's funny, because he is already telling me that he's baby proofing the place. My dad is thrilled to see Sebastian again & I have a feeling I won't even get to kiss let alone even touch my son while we are out visiting because Grandpa will be hogging him to the max! HEY, no problem there. HA.

What are your joys in life at the moment?? Do tell!

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