Tuesday, November 03, 2009

on a few good things...

Standing out on my back patio (or fire escape some may call it) this is what I see...
I really do love living here! Even though it is just an apartment, it's my our apartment. It fits my little family & I wonderfully. The whole neighborhood is filled with colossel victorian style houses (our's being one of them) and the tranquility makes you want to sigh with true bliss. For real, it's great!

  • Speaking of bliss...I for some reason today am extremely happy. I feel great. It's wierd because I'm not really having an exceptional kind of day per se & I have so many thoughts buzzing through my head that I feel like I might just erupt. Good thoughts. Thoughts that I think this whole 'blog thing' inspired. I have always been one to journal, actually have kept several journals through out my life. Also I am  undeniably one for expressing myself to the extreme!  But I have this need to write about EVERYTHING! Seriously I sooooo could -- just sit here and write every one of my notions down. I'll resist..

Anywho, soooo the PHILLIES WON! woooohooo! Still two games left- so I won't get to ahead of myself. But yeah, that's great. I didn't watch the game but I flipped to it whenever my shows were on recess, I do know the final score was 8-6! Now they have to beat the Yanks tomorrow otherwise their ouuutttaa herrrrrre and again on Thursday. Lets Go Phillies, Lets GO!

That being said, T.V:
  • Mondays are the days I get to enjoy Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill (OTH). I still can not get over that fact that Empire Hotel (hotel I spent my 21st birthday at) is featured in the show as Chuck Bass's hotel/club he just opened. I keep seeing the lobby of the hotel pop up on current episodes and it excites me! In addition I want to say that I am kind of disappointed in them bringing Hillary Duff into the show. I do not like her & think she is a lousy actress..gahhhh -- Make her die off...or something!
  • OTH is one of the few shows that I have been following for a long time, since 2003. Season seven has been pretty intense. Honestly I can hardly really notice that Luke (Chad Michael Murry) & Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) are absent on the show. Which is a good thing because at first I was quite upset about the whole deal. Keep on bringing the drama!!

seventeen days & counting!!
--As Twilight’s reluctant bloodsucker, Vanity Fair’s December cover star--
Robert Pattinson
Really, he is just one hottie hottie man! Damn it! I'm drooling...

This is what my weeks menu looks like:
  • Chicken with artichokes & angel hair-- thanks to my dear friend Martha :)
  • Slow-cooker garden fresh minestrone soup with beef (I don't care for beef but I still cook it for my boys, I don't deprive them! plus I just pick it out).
  • My famous Hungarian cabbage egg noodles.
  • Chinese fried rice with eggrolls.
What does your weekly menu look like?

I want to end tonight with saying that Sebastian has a doctor check up tomorrow. I am always thrilled to see how much my boy is growing but also I am hesitant for he will be getting shots! UGH, so not my favorite thing to do. I usually end up running my mascra...but he is a strong boy and initially just gives a great yelp and with the comfort of his momma & dadda, he is good as new!


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