Sunday, November 01, 2009

Never Say Never

I am a true believer in doing what you want in your life. I think everyone should be who they want to be and shoot for the stars. As for me, I follow my heart more than anything and I for sure want to achieve as much as I can in this life I have. I mean for real! Look at me, at age 18 I packed my stuff up into my tiny '88 VW Golf drove across the country to start a life with the man that captured my heart for good. I started out at zero and now I have a beautiful son & am living a great life. There is nothing I can't do!

Here is the list that I compiled together of things that I personally want to accomplish in my lifetime--

1. Marry the love of my life.
2. Be there for every minute of my son's life!
3. Become a hair stylist & make-up artist.
4. Try out skydiving!! (since i have already been bungee jumping) 
5. Take Sebastian to Neunkirchen, Austria (where I was born).
6. As well as Budapest, Hungary.
7. Sit on a jury for a crucial case.
8. Send a message in a bottle.
9. Spend one Christmas on a tropical beach drinking Pina Coladas!
10. Own a house, remodel it and have each room themed.
11. Travel to Germany and attend their annual 'love parade', the biggest parade EVER!
12. Write a novel i know that i have inside me.
13. Get as many tattoos as i possibly can!!!!!!
14. Sit in the audience of a t.v show.
15. Get me my dream motorcycle!
16. Attend a dinner theater or opera.
17. Restore a car with my man!
18. Have 2-3 more children.
19. Grow my hair as long as i can.
20. Go to Paris, France-see the eiffel tower and go to the sacre-coeur basilica!!!!
21. Make love under a waterfall ::wink wink::
22. Take a vacation with all my family and in-laws to Hungary and tour them around!!
23. Rekindle my training in the tang soo do marital arts.(maybe eventually with my son)
24. Make my own underground wine cellar/bar.
25. Get sebastian his own dirtbike and teach him how to ride!
26. Join a country club when i am older.
27. Attend the Olympics.
28. Get a tattoo with michelle when she turns 18 =]
29. Write my will.
30. Host Christmas dinner at my house with ALL our family.
31. Become a beekeeper and make my own honey!!!
32. Let my son be whatever he wants to be in life and support him always.
33. Volunteer for a cause/charity.
34. Own my own business.
35. Get my eyebrows & eyeliner permantly done.
36. Take sebastian to his first rock concert -- when he turns 15.
37. Take a self portrait photo everyday for a year.
38. Attend at least one school reunion -- preferably with tanya!
39. Make my own homemade jam.
40. Pack a bag, go to the airport and take the first flight available!
41. Take a picture of me jump off of the K-Hid in Hungary (Kay-bridge) just like my daddy did when he was a young man :)
42. Spend a weekend at a spa for some r&r alone.
43. Give 10-'just because' gifts.
44. Write my own blog - November 1, 2009
45.Tell someone what i really think of them.


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