Saturday, November 21, 2009

"It was like my heart was gone – like I was hollow. Like I’d left everything that was inside me here with you.”

Before I begin I just want to say Happy Birthday Glen! A tiny bit belated but yesterday I just couldn't get to my computer. Anyways, Glen you still got it goin' on my man! And I miss you terribly. By the way, I just wanted to be honest and say that I am totally jealous. Seeing all the pictures on Julee's blog of my precious GHB gang together having fun...ughhhh. I miss everyone so much. Oh well, that's what happens when you move all the way across the country. Ha.

On some weekend news:

So, It's Saturday. Do you know what that means? NEW MOON! Yes, I am very excited. Okay, more like jumping out of my pants! Not only am I excited about seeing the movie, that I've been waiting for since last November but because I am going to see it with Brittany Schuler. Bobby's middle sister who is very down to earth & fun! I can be myself most with her because of her free-spirit. COME ON SEVEN O'CLOCK!!
Until seven I will be enjoying the afternoon with my boys :-)

Now tomorrow will be a different story for I will be in the kitchen cooking together a yummy dinner for our guests that are coming. Although I was able to get all my cleaning down during the week I still have some dusting to do as well. Which I have no idea why I do because once I do it the next day the dust will be right back where It started. Lame. I am really looking forward to tomorrow night. Our guests Matt & Bridgett have never been to our place and I always love having new company so I can show off my cute little apartment.
Matt is one of Bobby's 'car' buddies which means that they originally met through their cars. Now that I think about it -- Bobby has met most of his friends through his car. Ha. I love hanging out with them two especially because Matt has Bridgett and when Matt & Bobby are busy talking their 'car' talk (boring) Bridgett & I talk about normal stuff. Hooray!

Sebastian is getting more teeth in. He is chewing on everything!

At this time in exactly a month we will be on the airplane flying to Seattle! It will be so great to see everyone.
I am especially looking forward to; going out with Tanya, going with my family & Tanya to Forks, Washington!!!!, getting to together with my GHB family at lovely Lisa's house, staying up late to talk to my dad, having my sisters again to get ready with in the bathroom, cooking in the kitchen with Xenia (step-mom), but most of all I am over joyed that we will be able to share Christmas with my family!
I am not looking forward to; having a 6am flight out to Seattle, nervous about how Sebastian will act on the plane ride, the time flying by once we hit Washington soil, saying good-bye, and unpacking!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Girlfriend we can hardly wait for you to get here! Your weekend sounds great and I'm jealous of your wonderful sounding dinner party. What fun! And Glen loved the shout out from his kid. He sends a big big giant hug.