Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"I don't want to say it's breaking my heart"

It could just be the PMS talking but I think I'm at my breaking point. I spend so much time pleasing people. Looking out for people. Trying my best to help people be pointed in the right direction. To be a good person. To help people not be driven to do 'bad' things in this big, confusing world that we live in. What does that make me? A saint. No. I am simply a huge heart-ed person that will put others before myself. Eventually I do recieve something in return but most of the time I feel that everything I do just gets thrown into the bin labeled 'trash'.
I am an extremely forward person. If there is something needed to be said, I say it! I really don't care because if I see that there is something that has to be brought up for the sake of someones well-being it's something I can not turn away from. Sure there are times where it can get me in more trouble then I want but in the end I feel true to myself and never regret what I have to say.
I feel that sometimes I may have thought I've known someone so well but in a split second it can turn complete 360 and feel like they're another awkward stranger.
It hurts.
Why can't people realize what they have? Listen to others? Even when maybe it might seem like they are stupid, frustrating, annoying, nosey, just maybe they want the best for you. Just maybe if you take their advise it might change your life.
It sure would make my job easier...
I guess what I am trying to say is, who are you? Look at yourself in the mirror and truly look.
As for me, I'll be focusing on me and my little family!!

On a lighter note, only 4 moons til Brittany (sister-in-law) & I will be seeing New Moon!
(photo via bazar.com)

Live Well

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