Sunday, November 01, 2009

"Dull November brings the blast, Then the leaves are whirling fast."

It is really starting to look like fall out there and feels like it too!

My little family was very lucky to get in some trick'or'treating before it really got nasty outside. Although i know many others around the country did not have all that much luck, which is a sin! It seems like the rain is much attracted to All Hallow's Eve... Sebastian collected lots of yummy candy and even snuck a Tootsie Pop on the end of our trick'or'treating run.

Also we celebrated my nephew Danny's 2nd birthday yesterday. My sister-inlaw Katelyn did such a fabulous job decorating and the food was GREAT! I made a very pumpkin pie as well as maple cinnamon spiderweb fritters and a siiiickk skull jello mold (which was more for just decor!). Food, family & laughter is all I need to have a excellent time.

Currently in the next few weeks:

Not sure If ya'll realize but it's NOVEMBER!! which means what?! NEW MOON!! I've already started re-reading the book and i'm extremely excited for the big screen debut.

My father will be going to the hospital for an operation to repair a Hernia on the 13th. Although this operation is not life or death, i am still pretty uneasy about the whole thing (even though I don't mention this worry to him). I guess this feeling I might be having is all due to the fact that I am literatlly across the frickin' country...

As you may know I got the position for being a manager at a new Saxby's Coffee shop that is coming soon to Plymouth Meeting! I am very excited for it all. The shop is totally 'me' and has this cozy feeling to it. Soooo that being said in the next 4-6 weeks my mother-inlaw and I are 'daycare hunting'. Bobby works 2nd shift so he doesn't have to leave home for work til 2:30ish everyday. Now since the coffee shop is inside a mall and the mall doesn't open til around 10, I will be working past the time Bobby has to leave for work. Ughhh...Anyways, even though I am not the biggest fan of daycares (for reasons of my own) I think it will be great for Sebastian to be around kids his age and learn!! Couple hours each day to play & learn is something I know he will love.
Who watches Gossip Girl?? I just had to tell everyone that on last weeks episode Chuck Bass's (Ed Westwick) hotel/club is actually Hotel Empire which is the hotel that I stayed at on my 21st birthday!


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