Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Well I must say, I had a fun filled day with my boys yesterday. At first we were planning on taking Sebastian to see Disneys A Christmas Carol but after many people informing me & reading more into the reviews the movie seems to be more of an adult movie. It is said to have many scary parts to it, so we went to see Astro Boy instead. It was a very cute movie & Sebastian enjoyed himself very much. After our movie we headed over to Red Robin for some dinner. It's always a treat to get my hands on my favorite crispy chicken burger (usually what I get every time). Sebastian loves looking at all the fun pictures/painting on the walls & of course not to forget the balloon he gets at the end of our meal :)
Best part of my night was when we bought our large soda at the concession stand I got myself a free pastic reusable NEW MOON CUP!!!! Number 2 to my collection of Twilight Saga cups..Don't laugh!!!

I can't help worring about my dad, which is most likely the reason why I slept like complete crap! But that is just how I am. For most of the day Sunday my dad was in unbearable pain and it was as if the pain medication he was given wasn't even affecting him. After talking to my step-mom, Xenia, she ended up calling the doctor to see if there is anything that can be done. It just so happens that my dad wasn't taking the right doseage & because of his weight the dosage is suppose to be increased. So I am really hoping that he is more comfortable after this slight increase. My dad is a very strong man but he isn't his young self anymore & I think that is one of the reasons my dad is a little spooked by all the pain that he is feeling. He has always been a man to just shrug off any pain he has ever experienced & now he truely can't do that & I know he is frightened. So am I. I KNOW he will be fine..blah blah blah. But he's my dad...

We met with Jen a speech therapist that works at the same school my mother-in-law works at. Jen is seriously one the friendliest people out there. I met her for the first time in the summer & right from the start in talking to her it felt like I was talking to someone that I've had a life long friendship with. I like her because she really knows what she is talking about & you can really see that she is passionate about what she does. After playing & interacting with Sebastian Jen gave me alot of different tips on sounds and signs that I can initiate into an everyday routine. All around today was more of a learning experiance for me & I was able to see realize things about Sebastian through a different point of view. Sebastian is a very talented boy who is learning so fast!

Tomorrow is the day that we go check out Play & Learn Daycare. I have a whole page of questions to ask the director lady as well as lots I will be looking out for. I am really hoping it will work out and be a safe & educational environment for him.

Time for some snuggling in bed with my man & movies!


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  1. I think the stronger pain killers are going to help your dad a bunch and he'll be feeling better very soon so try to rest easy back there in Philly.