Monday, November 23, 2009

on a begining & ending

Our little dinner get together was nice. The evening started out with some light appetizers with some drinks & all the 'how are you' & 'what's new' yak. After having a nice woman to woman chat with Bridgett while our men were outside doing god knows what, I fired up my oven to start warming up dinner. Of course, I had everything all done and ready before our guest came so all I had to do is reheat. Personally I love getting my cooking done a couple hours before hand, that way I can tidy up, relax, shower & put my face on without any rush. I must say that my food turned out wonderfully. I was kind of nervous at first because I've never had Matt & Bridgett over for dinner and I do usually collaborate ahead of time but just never got around. Anyways, doesn't really matter because my Chicken Marsala was a big hit with them and I was happy about that. Now my favorite part of dinner were my Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes. They were remarkable! I have not yet made them before and I am extremely proud with how they turned out...take a look!!

I made half with chives, bacon & cheese and the other half with broccoli bits, bacon & cheese. The picture to the side is actually before I put them into the oven. They looked even better afterward since I sprinkled extra cheddar cheese on the tops which no doubt melted in the oven and gave them an additional flavor. The best part is that we have leftovers. Yay! Bobby was able to take a good amount with him to work today and I also will get to sink my teeth into some for my dinner tonight. Amen.

Now moving on to things about this week.

Of course it's Thanksgiving on Thursday! I will be doing lots of preparing throughout this week because I not only will be making Bobby's Turkey dinner since he will not actually be able to join us & family on Thursday due to work. But I will be on dessert duty for Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws. For that I will be make my Famous Pumpkin Pie (by the way I think I've baked more pumpkin pies this season than I have ever in my whole life!) Yummmm. Oh and also at my mother-in-laws request I am making my Grilled Eggplant Dip more formally known as Babaganoush for an appetizer.

As of tomorrow I will officially start work! Sort of. Tomorrow I will be going into my new shop to help get everything organized, put away, clean & ready to go for our Grand Opening on Black Friday. Well that's if all goes according to plan. I guess tomorrow afternoon the Township will be coming in to do one last inspection and if they check everything off the list then we will be all set!! I am excited to finally get acquainted with my soon to be partner in crime –- De'Longhi Espresso Machine. I love De'Longhi machines and I most likely will be the one knocking out Lattes & such since my fellow manager co-worker has no coffee experience! Oh well, I don't mind. I miss the whole steaming & frothing process.
One thing I am weary about is if we do open on Friday and since it is Black Friday the mall will be opening at 5:30am so that will mean that I will most likely be waking up at 4am! Help me. All in all I am very excited to get back to making the money!

Until then I will be cherishing every minute with my little boy :)

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